Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eye Donation Touch 200

CYM Perambra is considered as one of the most active Catholic Youth Movement unit under KCYM (Kerala catholic youth movement- http://kcym.in/), Irinjalakuda Diocese. Perambra unit was started in the year 1985, and since it has been producing its waves of unity and love through social works and helping each others to develop themselves in our community. During this year (2010), we are planning to celebrate our silver jubilee with many special activities and charity programmes including Free Cancer Detection Camp,Get together for lonely senior citizens, Free Eye Check up Camp,Entrepreneurship camp for ladys and youths,Strengthen Eye and Blood donation units,Publish parish directory etc. At present, Perambra cym holds more than 80 active members and thousands of other supporters which includes students, professionals, missionaries, politicians, etc.

Eye donation and blood donation is our major set of activities that we are carrying out for many years. Our eye donation unit was started in the year 1995, in corporation with Little Flower hospital, Angamaly (a leading eye hospital in Kerala, India). During the same year, we organised various activities to spread the value and importance of eye donation, which includes public speeches, street plays, free eye check-up camps etc. We also collected statements from almost 1000 voluntary eye donors, who were willing to donate their eyes and there by bringing back light to many dark lives. This was a major achievement for our team and we will continue this endeavour to help the needy. We are very great full to all who have donated their eyes and we expect more corporations in the years to come.

Initial stage was really struggling. Poor communication and transportation technology, illiteracy of family members, all caused various obstructions to our programmes. Team spirit and service mentality helped us to face all our challenges and to achieve our mile-stone of ‘lights to 200 people’. At this movement we are planning to spread our eye donation message and its importance to all over the world by organising various activities and programmes throughout this year. We wish to express our special gratitude towards the people who donated their eyes through CYM and also their family for their valuable cooperation. We again thankful to all our supporter and well wishers for helping us for our great dream come true.